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Rox Lee

ROX LEE - Producer, Documentarist, and Photographer 

In 2011 Rox began her photography career shooting major bands such as Hall of Fame Inductees Public Enemy, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Michael Buble, Joan Jett, Justin Bieber, Rita Ora and Erykah Badu. In 2012 she had her first photographic exhibition Rox & The Blue Guitar in Paddington featuring her music art and The Blue Guitar representing unity, equality and freedom. The striking blue guitar built from a mere piece of wood, endorsed by Katy Perry was the show piece of Tap Gallery's Freedom and Human Rights Art Prize Exhibition supporting the work of Amnesty International in January 2013.

Rox hails the piece as the inspiration for her career in photography, and the hallmark of her own life-changing journey to freedom.

In 2014 Rox had three works included at Australian Centre of Photography’s Photostart Exhibitions featuring a homeless boy, an Aboriginal dancer and The Blue Guitar.
That same year Rox developed Blue Guitar Project after a teenage boy she previously met during a photoshoot called her in crisis in the middle of the night with the news he was ‘homeless’. Blue Guitar Project was created to inspire underprivileged teenagers to ignite their spark and to pursue their career dreams - one that will give them independence and help them lead a passionate, satisfying and super productive life. 
In line with Blue Guitar Project’s motto STRIKE 3 CHORDS for Youth (#4UEF - Unity, Equality & Freedom), Rox recorded three chords on Katy Perry’s Guitarist Patrick Matera’s new album called Echo Letter on the song Tarot Chords late 2013.
Rox will continue to encourage music artists from all genres to also Strike 3 Chords for Youth (#4UEF) by playing the Blue Guitar for one song in their concerts as a way to help keep youth off the streets and support teenage dreams.

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