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I had a wild dream
It awakened to my fate
In a 'Field of dreams kinda way'

I was lying naked
When I saw her big blue hair
There were fireworks in the air
She was dancing with lollipops
and candy sticks

She played my Blue Guitar
It was all gigged up
It was Out of this World
Something I made
So bizarre

Wide awake I was searching for her tunes
I was still California Dreamin
And sort of freakin
Without that CD I was going to go BOOM, BOOM, BOOM
How was I going to get it to my work before I landed on the

It was the One that Got Away
So instead I grabbed my “Blue Wood’ called a Fender
A guitar in parts and yet to be made

I was feeling like a plastic bag
Drifting through the wind
Then I saw a Firework
She burst through the door and I went OH, OH, OH….

She had big blue hair
I was standing so bare
Holding a blue guitar
Like my dream
How bizarre

OMG an ANGEL fell from the sky
So unbelievable I could die
I knew I wanted to rock the camera
So I told her I would find her
Please sign my guitar as a reminder

I had no camera, I had no lesson
But it all felt so destined
You gave me inspiration to make the leap
But please forgive me I have sinned a whole heap

Breaking and entering to get the shot is how I became so hot
I’m sure you would understand that I just wasn’t in demand
I played by my own rules and got the tools
It was blood, sweat and tears for a year

With every Rockstar through my lens
I added to the blue guitar
As a reminder of how heavenly bizarre

I know we’ll meet again with a full on shoot and a 4th of July Blue Guitar to boot
Remember I said…New York is where it will be
You can fine tune those black love hearts that you thought were so cool
Can you imagine if kids could make these in school?
The Blue Guitar Charity is something I just gotta ignite
Young kids in the light, dreams coming true all over the night

KATY PERRY you were my ANGEL
You came from out of the sky
With your big blue hair
How could anything compare

All I wanted to do was fly to the MOON, MOON, MOON
With fireworks going
xxx Rox

Rox & The Blue Guitar Story in Lyrics

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